Claudio Ramirez


Musical Producer

Music producer, engineer and performer, never in the same order. Sounds like a twitter bio (oh, wait!) but that’s actually a very accurate description for Claudio. Right-brain music landscapist one second and left-brain soundwave physicist the next, he switches between the roles of music writer, sound designer and mixer nearly seamlessly. Whether those are multiple personalities or not is yet to be determined…

Venezuelan born and Austin based, this Caraquenian X-ennial (Caraquennial?) relocated to the live music capital of the world in search of new musical adventures, currently splitting his time between composing, producing other artists and engineering for different kinds of projects. As a part of the Eye and Hook creative collective he’s able to bring to the table this peculiar compilation of influences that these two (very different) environments have nurtured him with, achieving very unique results within the collective’s projects.